Since our inception in 2008 CEADA has established itself as a company that prides itself on reputation and exceptional levels of customer service. It is our policy to remain fully up to date of all legislative changes and discussions relating to compliance, thus enabling all our clients to rest fully assured that they are at all times operating fully within the law.

CEADA, keeping ahead of energy legislation, compliance and sustainability -so you don’t have to.

CEADA is an independent company offering expert energy and business efficiency services throughout England and Wales.

Our team comprises of experienced, fully trained and accredited assessors who cover all aspects of BREEAM, Code for Sustainable Homes, SAP and can provide energy assessments and certificates for all types of property. Read More...


A message from David Cadwallader, Director

2015 looks like being a year of significant change and challenges. The continuing stream of new legislation and compliance criteria coming into force means that no one can afford to sweep their carbon and energy responsibilities under the carpet tiles. So where does CEADA come in?

To ensure a sustainable, cost effective and energy efficient future, I ensure CEADA strives to stay at the forefront of commercial energy assessment.  CEADA provides only widely experienced energy assessors to survey your building. My team of highly qualified and accredited assessors, low carbon consultants and outstanding support team provides nationwide industry expertise along with exceptional customer service across our full range of services.

CEADA likes being green, we strive to continuously evolve and expand our portfolio of services as new innovation and technologies along with ever-changing mandatory regulation are being introduced within the energy industry on a daily basis

My mission is simply to provide the best, most relevant service to all CEADA’ s clients whatever their background.